How do you like your girls vagina

How do you like your vag

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Seems like completely shaved is going outta style. Im beggining to like vag's with a little hair up top, makes it more womanly/sexy IMO.. :afro:
big ass bush like from the 60,s something i get lost in. no landing strip all the way used to like shaved but it's a little to girly now
I think some short, well manicured hair is ok. I don't like hair below the clit or around the asshole though. In my mind the bald eagle is stil in style. Hair is easy to change though. It's the vagina type that is vital.
I've had mine every fave is with the landing strip....or a triangle of lightning bolt. I haven't done natural bushy for years.....just doesn't feel as clean.
Don't mind any way, just as long as it "taken care of". If she has bush that's cool, but it should be trimmed and nice and neat lol. Waxed is always fun too, but I must imagine it hurts like a bitch!
Miss Muscle said:
I haven't done natural bushy for years.....just doesn't feel as clean.

that's because it isn't :afro:

mister69 said:
completely shaved or she is getting kicked out of bed.

Yeah right. I don't believe that for a second but if it were the case it wouldn't be a smart policy. I hada hot chick that was loaded with bush when I got her and I shaved her and then she liked it and continiued it to this day. WOuld have been my loss if I bailed because of the bush.
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yea i doubt any guy would kick a hot girl outa bed cause of hair
right pumped said:
well you doubt wrong cockbreath. lots of hair=taking the bus home from my pad

So you're saying if you have a 10 in bed you're sending her home because she has some hair? Im not talking about some disguisting skanks that the convo lounge posted. im talking a classy, sexy woman all the way around with just a little bit on the hairy side vag