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Get your gear? Do most of you get it from someone localy that you know or do you order it from a website? I am not wanting anyone to post their source, just want to know your methood. Is it safe to order from a websites?
vballplayer said:
Is it safe to order from a websites?

Put it this way....there are a few legit , solid guys who have websites.....but there are probably thousands of websites that are nothing but scammers.
There are a few good Bro's out there. Just stick around the board and you will find a source eventually.

If you buy from someone in your gym, chances are you will be paying a shit load for your gear.
If you order from a website, chances are you will get scammed. As SC said, there are some legit websites out there, but there are also a lot of scamming ones as well.
i wouldnt order from and website. the only 2 i know are legit are password protected and not something your gonna find using yahoo or google. the only way your gonna find those sites is to be in contact with the source. id rather pay over priced gym prices than use a website i found online
I have never had to order line, thank god I know a few people that deal around my area. I get better prices now cause I bring them more business. Just becareful, its hard to trust people or websites.
i get mine from the gear tree in my backyard...jk...i have never used a website...and i only have 2 trusted sources i use.....finding good legit sources that have a good policy for seizures very hard to find a good safe bro...especially one you can trust....

i have used both websites and a local dealer...
both worked out good...

right now I am just chillin, and like Easto said, something will pop up for me
eMail, one website - but expensive, password protected but legit.

Dont know any local guys, gym prices generally suck from what I hear, I honestly feel safer doing it online, either one is a risk though. I know for sure there are at least 4 or 5 guys and perhaps one female in my gym using, I go so late though that I dont see most of the people there.