How many do you think are using site oils??


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One thing Ive noticed is that the top pros all have outrageous bicep and calf development. What really strikes me about this is the shear probability that all these guys can have pro caliber genetic potential AND outrageous bicep and calf development; 2 muscles thats development are probably 90% genetic. The development is outrageously freaky. There is only so much real growth that these 2 muscles will see regardless of drug usage. Look at Ronnie, Gunter, Marcus, Jay, all of them with outrageous development that seems to look more and more alike each year. Flex has come out saying that his use was actually performed by a plastic surgeon. How many of you have experimented with it? For how long and how much did you use??


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Site-inject's are the shit. There a lil scary at first & a few muscles obviously require another hand or two...

Supposedly, there is massive localized IGF-1 in the muscle trained/injected. (Always inject post-workout and aspirate!