When do you think would be a good age for me to start AAS

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Hello everybody! My name is Martin. I***8217;m 17 currently (my month and day are correct, but I put my year one year ahead). This is my first post on this forum. First of all, I just want to state I am not using any AAS, have never used and not looking forward to using now (18+ at bare bare minimum, considering I want to be going for world records and unfortunately, it***8217;s just how it is today, I don***8217;t think there are any records even in drug tested feds that are natty, I just think it***8217;s not possible and think people will always look for a way to have an advantage). I want to say that I would never even consider steroids at my current age, the cons would definetely outweigh the pros and I don***8217;t want to fuck my life up. But considering my stats, which I will state below + my Instagram name for proof, what age do you think would be beneficial and not late. Thank you!
I am a full blown powerlifter btw ***128516;
Current squat: 230kg or 222.5kg x 3
Current pause bench: 140kg
Current deadlift: 240kg with some left in the tank
BW ~95kg (competing at 90kg or 93kg, depends on fed, currently 90kg)
My IG: *******

I hope for some honest answers, I can take some critisism, but would like some guidance! Thank you very much!
(Sorry for the long post, it is a very very important consideration for me)
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When you are done growing, which would be around 26-28.
That might change seeing as you want to make it your life career.
whats up man.. glad youre coming here for some advice..

you shouldn't run a cycle till youre 25 at least. i edited your ig because youll get a bunch of scammers trying to sell you fake shit..

and unfortunately i have to ban you for a year based on your own admission of age. you have to be 18 to be on this forum..

you have plenty of time to reach world records.. do not make the mistake of starting a cycle until youre at least 25 years old.
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