How many of you have used abbott karachi sust?

Thanks SC, went to the bar, gym, etc, ate! I havent been on here for a while, im too busy figureing out my tattoos im gonna get , trying to decide on my new car etc...... I miss this place! :) I will be back as a regular again soon.
Thanks again to eveyone who responded to my question.

You can see why I want to know so bad. I have used karachi Sustanon (sust) on my first cycle but it didnt say "abbott" on it, and it was GREAT stuff! Now I can only get these "abbott" karachi susts and im wondering if they are the same thing as the non "abbott" karachi sust......

I guess they are, so thanks again for the help.
actually I have not used the karachi, but I have friends that have and it is some legit good stuff as far as sus goes