How to increase collegen synthesis!! (i.e. - strengthen those tendons and ligiments)


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While injecting test increases protein syntesis by roughly 50 times, depending on dose and time, most bodybuilders forget that it will reduce collagen synthesis by more than 50% -- more like 80%, giving you the collagen synthesis rate of a senior citizen. Since collagen makes up tendons, bros are very prone to injury if they continue to lift very heavy, unless they cycle off T and let their collagen synthesis get back to normal. It's like having the skeletal muscle of a gorilla with the tendons of a very old man.

Winstrol increases collagen synthesis. It will give you bigger tendons. However, your body compensates for this by making them more brittle, weaker, and more prone to injury. I can't tell you how many bros work out anaerobically and become injured while on winstrol. Guys who lift in the 1-5 rep range while on winstrol, to baseball players who sprint all out from a stationary position -- winstrol should be the LAST drug they choose. Most of them like winstrol because they don't get the weight gain from it but it is very detrimental to bros who train for any sport anaerobically. Tendons tear easily on it.

Also, the drugs I mention increase collagen syn while also increasing collagen cross-linking integrity, making for a much stronger tendon.

Winstrol, on the other hand, will dramatically increase collagen syn, but ironically it decreases collagen cross-linking integrity, thus making a much weaker tendon.

You can plan a cycle of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) which will increase collagen synthesis and skeletal muscle growth at the same time. The key is the drug(s) you choose.

Deca, Equipoise, Anavar, and Primobolan will ALL increase skeletal muscle while at the same time dramatically increase collagen syn and bone mass and density, leaving you with a substantially reduced chance of becoming injured than if you choose to use Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) like sus, cyp, or enth.

While testosterone will increase bone mass and density, even at supra-physiological levels, the result is weaker tendons due to inhibition of collagen syn.

To plan a cycle where the goal is to increase skeletal muscle mass/strength while at the same time increase joint/tendon/ligament strength, enough to keep up with the dramatic increase in skeletal muscle, you must choose drugs like Eq, Deca, Anavar, or Primo as the base of your cycle. Testosterone and its esters can be added to your cycle to keep levels within a 'normal' physiological range (ie, 100-200 mg/wk) but must not go above this. Since drugs like eq, deca, anavar and primo will reduce endogenous, natural levels of test, these levels may be maintained with exogenous test in the 100-200 mg/wk range. Test at this dose will not inhibit collagen syn, but paradoxically, will help increase it. It is when exogenous testosterone is used > 200 mg/wk that collagen syn is inhibited.

Deca @ 3 mg/kg a week(about 270 mg/wk for a 200 lb male) will increase procollagen III levels by 270% by week 2. Procollagen III is a primary indicator used to determine the rate of collagen syn. As you can see, deca is a very good drug at giving you everything you want -- an increase in collagen syn, an increase in skeletal muscle, and increases in bone mass and density. The one thing it does not give you is wood

Primobolan, @ 5 mg/kg, will increase collagen synthesis by roughly 180% -- less than deca and equipoise but still substantial.

Equipoise @ 3 mg/kg will increase procollagen III by approximately 340% -- slightly better than deca.

Oxandrolone has over a hundred studies documenting its effectiveness at treating patients needing rapid increases in collagen syn to enhance healing.

These drugs have longer half-lives than most other AAS, so this should be considered when timing your post cycle clomid use. Here they are:

Deca: 15 days Equipoise: 14 days Primobolan: 10.5 days

Anavar has a half-life of only 8 hours so it should not pose a problem.

GH is probably the most remarkable drug at increasing collagen synthesis. It increases collagen syn in a dose dependant manner -- the more you use, the more you will increase collagen syn. It has also demonstrated this ability in short and long term studies. From what I've read, hGH at 6 iu/day increased the collagen deposition rate by around 250% in damaged collagen structures. This result indicates that the increased biomechanical strength of wounds to collagen structures treated with biosynthetic human growth hormone was produced by an increased deposition of collagen in the collagen structures.

Eq, primo, anavar, and deca are all good -- they increase several biomakers of collagen syn -- ie, type III, II, I, procollagen markers. GH just seems to do so most dramatically.

Use of any of these drugs @ supra-physiological levels with a maintenance dose of test will increase collagen syn while at the same time increase skeletal muscle mass. Skeletal muscle mass gains will not be as dramatic as with large testosterone doses but you have to weigh the risk/reward basis for yourself. Also, these drugs do not satisfy the libido like testosterone, but that is not the point of this thread. It is only to demonstrate that you can increase skeletal muscle and collagen syn at the same time with certain Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) -- the decision is up to you.

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I don't know about this article.... when i dislocated my shoulder it happened riiiiiiight after a back to back anavar then equipoise cycle.
Jacked said:
I don't know about this article.... when i dislocated my shoulder it happened riiiiiiight after a back to back anavar then equipoise cycle.

Injuries can still occur. Setting up a proper cycle just lowers the risk of being injured.
oh yeah, definitely. but to someone like me who has had broken bones and hyperextended joints the possibility of injury is kinda high with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use. i have done alot of reading looking for something like this. what do all you veterans think? is this solid? i would gladly sacrifice some size in exchange for strong joints ligaments and tendons. it seems too good to be true. any comments?
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Re: How to increase collegen synthesis!! (i.e. - strengthen those tendons and ligiments)

Great post!

any idea where Dbol falls in this regard?
What I'm interested in is where these studies were conducted how andwho conducted them. In all honesty I would believe it but it was weird how easily I dislocated my shoulder when I was trying to get up off of the mat during bjj practice. I mean I had been getting up the same way for 5 years and 1 month after this cycle I dislocated it. I went to an orthopedist and told him what happened and right away he said it was juice related because he said someone of my muscular shape and strength should have much stronger ligaments than that.
There could absolutely be many other factors involved but regardless I would still like to see how this info was actually obtained.
true. you have to take everything with agrain of salt. but if this is based on something solid then alot of folks in similar situations can do something to rehabilitate old injuries and get back up to speed. theres nothing as demotivating as having to stop serious training due to injuries. very frustrating.
There are several studies that show weakened tendons in rats after testosterone administration. I'll try to dig them up.
im still waiting to hear if this is a solid theory or a well documented study. im thinking of actually doing this and posting my results if no one can provide decent proof. ive got the decca, ive got the test. just waiting to heal from some injuries and get back to a decent shape. but maybe ill do this to induce joint repair. make it a cutting cycle and then go on as planned and do my originally planned cycle in six months. any thoughts?
Great post. I have decided to add some Eq into my current cycle do to the fact that the winstrol has made almost impossible to walk far distances w/o getting terrible pains in my legs.
I don't have any links, but here are some good studies. Anectdotally, I have noticed that my friends who used steroids for football seemed to get tendon injuries far more often than "clean" guys.

I know a couple of NFL team doctors who say that back in the eighties, when steroid use was completely unchecked, they would see several achilles tendon tears each year. Today they are relatively rare. Not to say that players don't use steroids, but with testing they can't get away with nearly as much as they used to.

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