Test e, anavar, mma and body building.


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Hi everyone, just looking for constructive advice it's been a long awhile..
I got adhd so this may seem confusing and I don't always get my point across cut clear as crystal..

So let's start with stats.
Bf not 100% sure above 12?
Cycles- a few, I touched tren, test and mast, normal test aswell. Can't give greatest details as was quite a time ago!

Training- I've been training since 18 within a gym with only some breaks (big studying) being the recent one, so I started back up last week.. I'm pretty ambitious..

Training plan come August, ideally I wanna be doing a body building program in the am of each day Monday to Friday. With the pm evening being boxing, Muay Thai, bjj, Muay Thai, and bjj again. This is an ideal world, not sure how it will go but gonna try.

Goals are to improve at mma, some good power and endurance gains! Bulking is a bonus! Great aesthetics too is the physical look! Cutting bf, while putting some muscle on.

I am debating a cycle in a few months.
Test e, 4-600 ew 12-16 weeks,
Adex .5 eod
Hcg 500iu ew
Anavar- 40+ mg? Don't want massive pumps but thinking collagen synthesis to keep tendons strong! Thought about eq but I have bar in my draw still.. from week 2-3 onwards so things kick in around the same time.

Nolva/ clomid
40/40/20/20 100/100/50/50
Questions.. is this realistic, if not what would you change?

Anavar benefits at a lower dosage?

Any advice in general I'm game for criticism not flaming. I'm just here to gain advice
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Hey bro. I fought MMA back in early 90s while in the Army ay the Colorodo Olympic center. If your going to run var I'd run it higher then bump it down from there if your pumps are to much but I don't think they will be. I usually run it at 80-100mgs/day. I'm not sure bout the eq for you. Do to the eq abilities to raise the red blood cell count, not sure if that will effect your endurance. If you end up running it, be sure to give blood a little more then half way through your cycle. And run it for the full 16 weeks.


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Thanks for the reply man.

That's a good way to go about it. I'm trying to gain the best I can. As I said I though about eq, but where I have var already, I may aswell use what I have! People that have used eq before give blood often isn't that right? How does the rest of it look?


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The adex at 0.5mg eod may be a bit high, you could start at half that and check how it's going. Otherwise looks good.

The EQ can boost red blood cells in some (or maybe most?) people, get tested and if your hematocrit creeps up near 50 give blood. Otherwise more red blood cells should boost your endurance to some extent.


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Yep, I agree with tank, adex may be a bit high at .5 eod. Maybe start with .25 eod and see how you feel. Also your hcg should be taken twice a week at .250. Maybe like Wens and then again on Sat cause of its half life.


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Hcg would be taken Monday Thursday , like how I would inject the test. I've been prone to gyno symptoms and gyno quickly which is why I would have said .5.

I'll look up the eq, consider my options and run from there I will also aim to do a log. Any other advice I would take kindly! Thanks everyone!