How to Navigate insurance with TRT and blood tests


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I have BCBS. I've been trying to get my blood work covered by insurance (TT, FT, and E) and they keep classifying it as Infertility and covering sometimes but not other times. They tell me the doc has to use a different diagnosis code but can't tell me what it is. I can't even find out if the next test I want to take will be covered or not.

I am finding the insurance people impossible to get straight answers from and they don't even know what Hypogonadism is. I am going back and forth with this for months with no resolution. And now I'm reduced to finding my own blood tests and paying for them online to avoid a $****No price discussion allowed*** charge for those 3 tests if insurance doesn't come through. If insurance covers it they only pay like $****No price discussion allowed**** for all 3 tests lol. But I get charged $****No price discussion allowed*** for the same thing.

Should my blood tests fall under an infertility classification? Is there another word or language I need to use with these people?

Any insurance stories appreciated!
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please be sure not to post prices at it is not allowed, you can post the lab if you want.
Insurance is the most frustrating aspect of medicine! They are out for one thing and one thing only.

Good luck navigating this, every insurance carrier requires different information and guidelines to base reimbursement by. Definitely will need to talk to someone at the payers office to get correct code.

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