How would I add prop to this cycle.


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Week 1-12 eq 600 week
Week 2-12 papervar 50 ed

I did the above cycle and got great results. However, I am thinking of adding prop. Could I use prop eod at 100 mgs and for how many weeks. What advantages would this have on my cycle or do you think it would not be necessary. Also I have slight mpb and use proscar/nizoral and would this does of prop possible make more hair fallout? Thanks for you help in advance...
i would add it. go with 100 mgs eod for the first 6 weeks or 8 weeks. its fast acting and will work well with the anavar while the eq takes time to "kick in". good job running the eq for 12 weeks to. took it once for ten and found that the gains come but rather slowly and better over a long period. good luck bro
I would think, unless you want to do ed injects for 14 weeks, i woudl run it like this
Test Prop Weeks 1,2,13,14 100mg eod
Test Eth Weeks 1-12 250mg e5d
EQ Weeks 1-12 600mg
Papaer Anavar (var) Weeks 2-12
I am going to have to agree with RoadHouse on this. I am really starting to hate all of these ed injections.