How would you handle this?


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Ive been on Test Prop and Tren Ace cycle for about 9 weeks. Test at about 500 mgs a week, tren at 75 mgs eod. I am going out of town Dec. 23rd-27th. All of you know that Test prop is not in the body for that long. Would you double the dosage inject, right on the 23rd and then immediately come back on the 27th and inject again? How would you handle this?
Good question! I am not too sure how to answer that, but I am going to run into almost the exact same predicament in March of 2007. I am not too sure I would double up the shot, but I would definitely take an injection on the 23rd and then an injection on the 27th when you get back. Then try to just continue back on your normal cycle when possible. That is what I am going to do, but I will miss a couple of shots during the week I am gone, which sucks, but I don't think it is a major deal.