Human, UG Lab, Vet products


How would you compare these and why ?

ie; is an UG Lab more comparable to a Vet company or a Human grade company.
I think Human Labs have a very sterile product, and Vet anf UG labs are not far behind. The Vet and UG labs im talking about are Denkall, QV, and UG, Supra, LFC, PVL etc. Sorry no Tornel, Brovel, Loefller, or IP for me.
I'd liken a UG more to a Vet company. I mean with Human Grade, there are certain quality standards that must be upheld. Not to say Vet gear completely disregards that, however their quality control is not conscience of human consumption. With a UG, (one in particular) the quality can sometimes mirror a Vet company. The main difference is where as a Vet company is not made for human use (therefore the negative effects can be attributed to this) the UG lab does not have stringent quality rules and regulations that they abide by. (at least the ones I'm thinking of)
Bottomline is, no matter wht any rep or avid user says of UG labs, they are not prepared in lab conditions. That is why I put them on the same level as reputable vet companies.
I have always been a Human grade man, However I have been having great results from good UG stuff!
I've used only one underground company (Spectro). And had good results. The thing that worries me the most and probably alot of you guys , is the sterilty. You just never know
getting great results from ug stuff from one place and will be trying some ug stuff from another.
I've done UG, human grade and mexican, and would definitely have to say the UG stuff I have used is closer to human than vet grade