humatrope vs nutropin


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I have been on humatrope,but last night bought 9 boxes of nutropin which =3 kits of humatrope.Has anyone used it?I like the fact that it is premixed.Please give me any info from those who have used it,thanks yall,Soda
Nutropin and humatrope are both top of the line products, as is Saizen, Serostim and others. In fact, all rhGH is essentially the same in amino profile, otherwise it would not be "human", and would not have FDA approval.
You absolutely can not go wrong with anything from Genentech (nutropin). They were the first company to receive FDA approval to sell for medical use, a recombitant synthetic human growth hormone, and continue to pioneer the industry.
It really just comes down to price and convenience of use. I have used both and been very happy with both.
thanks my friend,I have been using it at 3iu ed,is that too low?my pops wanted to drop his down to 2iu ed but stay on for a year or 2 but I think that is too low for him and do u think 3 is fine for me,gonna run it for at least 6-8 months.Thanks again
The dosage needed kind of depends on your personal situation. When I first started on GH, I used rather high doses for the first 12 weeks to get my body comp leaned out to where I wanted to be. Since then, I have used maintenance doses of 4iu or less (currently 2.5iu) with quite good results.
It's my opinion that the duration of usage is more important than the dose. Most people I talk to who were disappointed with GH simply didn't stay on long enough. You won't see visible results for 6 to 8 weeks, so patience is required.
Current research indicates that mega-doses of exoGH are largely wasted......the body's defense mechanisms render much of the excess useless.
I would prefer 2 or 3iu daily for 6 to 8 months instead of a higher dose for half the time.