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<h1>Humulin </h1><p>Humulin is synthesized in a special non-disease-producing laboratory strain of Escherichia coli
bacteria that has been genetically altered to produce human insulin. Humulin R [Regular insulin
human injection, USP (rDNA origin)] consists of zinc-insulin crystals dissolved in a clear fluid.
Humulin R has had nothing added to change the speed or length of its action. It takes effect
rapidly and has a relatively short duration of activity (4 to 12 hours) as compared with other
insulins. The time course of action of any insulin may vary considerably in different individuals
or at different times in the same individual. As with all insulin preparations, the duration of
action of Humulin R is dependent on dose, site of injection, blood supply, temperature, and
physical activity. Humulin R is a sterile solution and is for subcutaneous injection. It should not
be used intramuscularly. The concentration of Humulin R is 100 units/mL (U-100).</p>