I got a good idea

Doc Banner

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I was thinking that we should get a handful of average sized juicers (220 or so) at diff bf levels (a few @ 5%ish 7%ish 10%ish and so on) and get a few relaxed and flexed front pics. This could serve as an rough bf% calculator for people (b/c I'd be willing to bet some people are way off when estimating their bf's). It would be especailly useful for newbies. It would make a good sticky on one forum. It wouldn't be hard to make, just get guys who have recently got their bf taken to send pics to grafix or biggie or someone and let them compile them.

Just an idea. :)
It's a great idea in theory. The problem I see is, unless we only use guys that were hydrostaticaly tested, there would be too much variance in it as well.
Calipers have a variance of say, + or - 3%, and unless the same person tested everybody submitting to the test, the variance would be even higher than 3%.
But it is one hell of an idea, cause I agree with you that a lot of people have no idea, I especially get a kick out of guys that say they are 4-5% and are total newbies to BBing, let alone juice........ that is contest shape !!