i need a dose for milk thistle and ala

Im on 1 gram of Test/wk and 50 mg of dbol/day. Using 1000mg of Milk Thistle and 400 mg of ALA.

Scale it down or do the same.
I take my ALA right before and after my workouts because it is in this pre and post workout drink that I use called PlasmaVol.

I take my Milk Thistle all at once before bed with my last 10 mg of Dbol. If I was to split up the Milk Thistle, it would be such a pain in the ass because I am already taking 5 different dosages of 10mg of Dbol throughout the day. Not to mention I split up my 3 grams of B5 per day into three 1000mg dosages too. It would just be a major hassle. And its not like it isnt already, trust me. My staff at my office must think Im some kind of fuckin pill junkie the way they see me popping different pills all day. Either that or they just think Im some juice monkey. Hmmmm.
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There is no toxicity for Milk Thisle, you can go hardcore and bump it to a whopping 3000mg/day without any problems.

ALA 1000mg/day won't kill you either ;)