I need help with CKD diet.

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Hey Bros, Im planning on doing a CKD diet. I havent done it before and I'm trying to plan what I can eat to get sufficiently high fats. The problem is, as far as I can see, the only things I can eat are peanuts and pure oil (e.g just drink olive oil etc).

For example, if I want to take in 2000 cals, and maintain 70/20/10 fat/protein/carb

One of the highest fat foods I can find is peanuts.

Lets say 2 of my meals are peanuts, 100gx2.

That gives me roughly 900 cals from fats, 240 from protein and 160 from carbs 70%/20%/10%. (approx)

I make up the 40 cals of carbs with some fibrous green vegetables to help bowel movement.

The rest of the protein, approximately 200 cals I can get from whey protein (this always contains a little carb too, but i dont want to make the calculation too complicated right now).

That leaves me with another 500 approx calories to come from another 55g of fat, how do I get that? I can only think of just mixing oil in with a couple of protein drinks.

Does that sound reasonable? I just cant think of another way of getting so much fat without also adding more carbs. Is this more or less what others are doing?

Any comments or advice welcome.
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I didnt post my stats as I have no problem calculating my BMR etc. I have dieted lots of times and I know how many calories I need to consume to gain lose weight etc.

I just wanted to know exactly what things other people are eating to make up those fat calories on CKD without adding more carbs or protein.
Bro, I don't know where you've been researching, but you can eat far more than peanuts. You have to watch peanuts or peanut butter, too
many carbs. Hell bro, eat anything, eggs, steak, salami, bologna, ham,
chicken wings, practically any lunch meat. moderate amounts of hard
cheeses. The key is getting your calorie level right to lose weight, and
don't forget to have a carb up period. Do some research on the Anabolic Diet by DiPasquale.
But almost all meats and eggs contain either more protein than fat, or at best fat/protein in a 50/50 ratio.

If I want to get at least 70% fat in my diet I need some foods which are either 100% fat or contain much more fat than protein or carbs.

So far I have come up with -

Olive oil - 100% fat
butter - 82% fat
cream - 88% fat
spicy sausage meat (chorizo de pamplona) - 61% fat
cheese - 55% fat