I Was Told


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i was told that clen is anti-catabolic and it will help you hold your gains post cycle, is there any truth in this
I took it post cycle last cycle and found that it helped keep my bf down whereas I usually gain some fairly quick after ending the cycle. I did hold most of my strength to but I think that's attributed to a lot of things, including that super secret glutamine I'm taking :tounge2:
Frankie xq said:
clen isn't catabolic?

it was actualy proven to be slightly anabolic in mice, although the dosages for this effect in humans would be toxic enough to kill you. so for all i know it might be at least anti catabolic at that dose but i dunno
i don't remeber if this was dan duchaine post cycle gain keepers formula but fere it is
if i recall correctly
1.clen 2-4 tabs/day for 2 weeks
2. proviron 50 -100 mg/day for 4 weeks
3.clomid 100 mg for 4 weeks
4. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 5000 2x/week for the first 2 weeks
5. 20 mg novladex for 4 weeks
i used this multiple times after large gaining cycles and it works great
Wartime100 said:
I ran it post cycle to help combat catabolism and I think it helped a little. Who knows mabey it was a placebo effect.
who cares as long as it works lol:D , even if it just makes you feel like its working you might avoid the mental crash post cycle