If prone to MPB


GQ on AS!
If you where you prone to MPB and where dieting for the summer which would you do? Take into consideration that I have been on 1/4proscar for almost 4 months, 5%spiro.ed, and 2%nizoral eod.

1. 100mgs QV Prop eod with 25mgs of B*G ox.? Should I go higher on the ox?

2. Eq at 800mgs/week. 16-20 weeks! How harsh is this dose be on the hairline?

3. B*G ox only at 30mgs/ed 12weeks

My diet will be low carbs, and roughly 150-200g protein. I'm going to start my am HIIT cardio again/with a 0 carb 50g protein shake after! Goal is maintain lbm while dropping some unwanted fat! :D Any comments/suggestions?

PS and if needed to I still have some D*P from awhile back!:D
I would run the Prop and Anavar (var) . 25mgs/day is perfect. There's no need for a higher dose. Test and Anavar (var) is one of my favorite cycles.

You should also be running Arimidex or Femara. Maybe even r-ALA and CLA. Increasing your glutamine intake probably wouldn't hurt either.

Also, you need to be consuming at least 300mg/day of protein.