im in a weird spot bro's


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i broke up with my skitzo-ex girlfreind yesterday, im in the trenches and dumps as far as emotions go. now here's the thing i got my gear today cypovate and eq, should i wait to hit the gear up or fuck it should i hit it up!!??? this is my first run with eq i dont need anymore anxiety. ya know?
I agree with Mike, give it some time and just sit on it, get your game face back on and in a few weeks jab a needle and hit the gym you can get huge for the next little girl that comes along!
go have a few drinks and chilli with your buddies!
definetly wait until you can put all your energy into your training that way the gear is not wasted
just cause you feel bad doesn't mean you should resort to drugs or in this matter gear just wait it will be better later
Depression will fuck you up bad , I know when my ex girl forst left me I was hella depressed and I couldnt lift straight and my diet was fucked I lost weight and I was on gear then and it felt like a waste, so chill back and get your head on straight and come back with a vengence and take out all that anger on the iron.
yeah.. i have been depressed lately about school i have a paper due and i cant sit still to type it. if i dont finish it i might not pass this class. i have skipped two days this week in the gym and i feel like shit. im done with my cycle but im not to post cycle therapy (pct) yet. so i feel like im losing gains already because of my mental state.

definately wait till your all better man.
I have been in your shoes before except it happend during my cycle. It fucked up everything for me. I couldent get in the mood in the gym, just way too depressed. lost all the weight i gained, cause I couldent eat and think. fucking bitchhhhh
Just chill out now, go have a few shots with your buddies & hit the iron when your mind is %100 focused on getting big. good luck
Wait, my friend, till your mood is ok.
Relax a couple of weeks and then get into the gear and destroy your gym!
too bad's been my (sad) experience that the more totally fucked up schizo psychotic the chick is, the better she is in bed.

Hey Georgie, I agree in a way w/all stated above. However, what you choose to think about things and how you choose to feel is completely up to you! The easiest thing for you to do and hardest to conquer is letting your mind take control. Kind of hard to explain, but you/your body will 95% agree w/what your mind is telling it. Your mind is a very very powerful friend and enemy. How you choose mentally is up to you bro!
I went through my bullshit phase after a 11yr relationship w/my ex-wife and I was all f_ckededd up!! A man/mentor to me, talked to me over several different occasions about pyscological discipline. I didn't want to hear anything from him, but I finally did. I finally chose to quit letting my mind control me. The hardest part of it all is making the effort to try and let your mind think more positive. He told me to try and trick yourself in doing the things you once loved to do.
Well, sounds confusing, but anyone who has been really messed up mentally may understand.
It is important to not let yourself stop caring about yourself and others.
I probably would use this as a strength to cycle and get in the gym. Live there.

I disagree. I think you should juice now. I think that can clear your mind faster, and get over that chick faster too.
Just think eat-sleep-workout-juice.

This is because you never know how long you will be depressed. I can get depressed for long ass periods.
Thats my recommendation.
i just broke up with my girlfriend towards the end of a cycle and I have never felt worse. Don't know what it is. i think it is a combination of juice, girl, job, roomate. Everything is looking down and I know I haven't missed a scheduled day for awhile until the depression hit. Give it a couple weeks. I know I go through up's and down's after breakups, especially about 2 weeks after. I feel like I'm not going to find someone else and then I think how easy it was to find her:) Just give it a couple weeks and it will probably work out better. Good luck!
i might get flamed for htis one but i think you should start now.....aas will boost your confidence and help you find a new chick, wont feel the eq hit your system for a few weeks then ull be fine..thats just my opinion
not to change the subject or anything....but does Fuck with your emotions or is it just Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) in general?

im mildly bi-polar...but when i get depressed, i get depressed!! it can be one min. on top of the world at the bottom!!
but hers my question... i just did 400 mgs. of deca only for 4 weeks, and it wasn't bad, that i can remember

but im about to take 500 Sustanon (sust). and 300 deca when the 'package' arrives...could this become a prob. or is it all mental??
I'd personally stick that needle in my ass tonight, the way I see is your sad now but in 2-3 weeks, the time it takes for your test to kick in, you'll be feelin' better then on top of the fucking world looking for a hotter chick to chill with. just my .02
nylifter said:
i might get flamed for htis one but i think you should start now.....aas will boost your confidence and help you find a new chick, wont feel the eq hit your system for a few weeks then ull be fine..thats just my opinion

I guess I'm in the minority also. I was in the same boat and decided to start my cycle earlier.............well the ex and I didn't see each other for a few weeks and when she did finally see me she was :eek: , wanted me back but I said Holla. Got laid by a few new chics I met, seems like while on a cycle you get to meet more ladies which in return you get some...........atleast for me.:D