Important questions about a Primo-Deca stack for women


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Hey guys,
This is will be my first bulk roid stack. 28yo, 5’8 tall, 18% bf.
I would like to gain a decent amount of lean muscle through this season (especially to be able to deminish my body fat through lean gains) and my boyfriend (who is also my personal trainer) would get me on a Deca durabolin 50mg/week & Primobolan 50mg/week stack (both injectable versions).

Is this stack strong enough to build various lbs of muscle without excessive virilization or too strong or too mild?

Now, though he’s pretty experienced, I’d like to know what do y’all think about this kind of stack (I’m considering to do a Anavar/Winstrol stack when cutting) and how many weeks would you run it for.

Also, I am on Birth Control pill (brand name Yaz);
Will my pill be still effective against pregnancies? Most say yes... and tell me not to worry about gone period as it is likely to occur with this kind of stack, and even without period to keep on taking the BC as usual. Your advices are all appreciated.
Thank you so much


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Hello and welcome to the board starlet91 :wavey:

Sorry I don't know but maybe these other members can. Quite a few knowledgeable members. Glad you came to O'logy. And maybe you can start a log. A lot of us I know would love to follow a woman in this sport.

Good Luck with everything,