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Whats up everyone, looking for any diet advice or critiques that anyone can offer me. I'm currently twenty three years old started using weights recreationaly when I was fifteen became more serious when I was eighteen up until now. I'm 5'11 9% body fat 180lbs, never touched AAS. I've been stuck at 180lbs for almost two years now and tried a number of diets with no success. Any suggestions on what I can do to get my weight out of this constant stand still? My goal is to try to reach 200lbs but remain as lean as possible at that weight is this obtainable for me while staying natural or have I already hit my full potential? Currently on low carb diet my macros, calories 2538 fats 108 carbs 159 protein 261. My town has no gym and I've been training alone sense I picked up a weight for the first time so any help or advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated thanks.

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look up at the sticky part of the diet section.. youll see my free diet advice thread... read post 1, then post up and ill give you a free critique

or, if youre looking for professional services, email me at to inquire

website: 3J's Nutrition

getting under 180 shouldn't be a problem for you given your lbm, which is indicative of a faster metabolism