Injectable conversion


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I have just received kits to convert 4ad and 19nordiol into an injectable however I do have a problem. With F kits you are given a bottle with a stopper to dissolve your powder but all I received was two sealed bottles. Ones has the solvent and the other has the oil. How do I dissolve my powder? It is from a reputable site so I doubt this is an error on their part. Your help is appreciated.
I believe you break the seal on the solvent and mix the powder in to it until dissolved, then inject that into the sealed oil. The oil is sterile and the solvent will kill any bacteria in the powder. Get more opinions before just doing this though just in case, and mail the sight you got it from.
It shouldn't hurt to break the seal. Just like a fina kit :)

You don't want alot of solvent 5-7% total volume max, or it'll burn like injecting drano :)

Are you using base hormones or the cyp?