Insulin Q:


I vas violated
Is it worth it????

The first one is illegal. The others ive heard you can buy anywhere??

* Humalog (Insulin lispro inj.) is the fastest acting insulin available
* Humulin-R (Regular Insulin) has a short duration of effect
* Humulin-N (Insulin Isophane) is intermediate length insulin
* Humulin-U(Medium Zinc Suspension) is another intermediate length insulin
* Humulin-U, utalente (Prolonged Zinc Suspension) is Long acting insulin
This one has been beaten to death many times and there have been extensive threads started on it in this forum.

I use humulin R occasionally after an extremely hard workout. I like slin. But many people have said that it makes you fat and retain water.

In my opinion you have to try it to know it, as diff people react diff to this stuff, but do practise caution in using it by having a lot of spare carbs and dun sleep during the active time.
Very easy to fuck up with slin and cause some serious problems.

Do you want to be a pro BBer? If so, then slin MAY be something that you will look at using.

Are you just a recreational lifter who wants to look good? Then Slin isn't worth it.
Why is this in the chemical study forum? IMO insulin isnt overly dangerous unless you are stupid or reckless. Obviously go with the fastest acting one you can get and start low. I think even for recreational BB it is a decent bridge drug if you dont mind putting on some fat. Combine it with T3 and GH (if you are very experienced and knowledgable) and it can be incredibly effective. This is ONLY if you have access to fast acting carbs and plenty of leisure time to watch for sides. Definately not something I would do with a lunch break workout. Insulin is only for advanced bodybuilders with a substantial amount of muscle. Otherwise there are plenty of things that carry less risk with better gains. There are a ton of posts on it here, but opinions are like assholes.