Insulin while cutting. Debate please


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Ive heard the rumors about how alot of pros are using Slin in their contest diets. Particularly, Kevin Levrone is said to have the use of insulin right before contests "down to a science". Any thoughts on this and has anyone here ever used slin in a cutting diet? LTS.
Insulin stop lipolysis, so there are only two possible options i can see insulin being used pre contest. One way, and probaly most likely is when they are very carb depleted, and then they "carb up" for a couple days. The other would be, going extremely low carb, probaly just carbs with the post workout shake and using insulin then, to use those carbs to replace muscle glycogen as maximal as possible.
what road house said is most likely how they do it. its how i used it when i first started. it kept me in ketosis but still alowed me to take in 200 grams of carbs a day. and on the weekends of big tournaments i would carb up with it and leave ketosis. my guess is a pro in contest prep uses it to replace glycogen stores post workout while remining in ketosis and also for the last carb up before hitting the stage
warlord said:
so how exactly would it be used in a cutter? like what dosages and when?

this is how I would do it. My diet would be high in protein, moderate fats, and low in carbs. My only carbs would come in the form of postworkout. I would not use insulin in a cutting cycle unless you are fairly sure of you personal iu-grams of carbs tolerance. On workout days only, I would use 9ius and 50g of malodextrin (no need for dextrose, dextrose is used to spike your insulin, which is obviously not needed anymore) and 50g of Whey Protein Isolate. Thats it for carbs for the day, besides the negligble ones that come from a metamucil type supplement.