Introductory doseage to new products?


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If it is your first time using something, i would like to know the lowest effective doseage to use for a few of these. I have one full cycle done of test only. Prop, Fina, EQ and Dbol will be used in my next 2 cycles along with test. I would like to do the prob and fina in EOD shots, so please hook me up with lowest effective EOD shots. Keep in mind iv never used these before and my first cycle was very moderate.

This is what i understood to be lowest effective doseages, but id rather double up on it and get some good advice from you guys who have experience with it.
Dbol 30mg ED
Prop 100mg EOD
Fina 75mg EOD
EQ 250 WK
StoneColdNTO said:

D-bol - 20-25 mg/day
Prop - 100 mg EOD
Fina - 75 mg EOD
EQ - 400 mg/week

I think SC's plan would make a GREAT second cycle; conservative but potent! Hold on to your hat!
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