IP been getting through????


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Just wondering if IP has been getting through OK or if anyone has had any problems with their shipments lately? Thanks bros.

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gjohnson said:
Just wondering if IP has been getting through OK or if anyone has had any problems with their shipments lately? Thanks bros.

A buddy of mine just lost his shipment or it's real real late. No notice yet from customs. I'm just glad I got my IP's before all the shit started hitting the fan. What's going on with Black Label lately??? They had good prices especially on Anavar:confused:


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I also know a few bros who tried to get and got nabbed by custums.
Its risky other overseas places I don't worry about but him I do.


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hmmm... that sucks I guess it depends on who. Always had great luck, the only problem was its onlyl IP gear he carried and I dont wanna IP again:mad:


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I got a good deal (free for trade) my friend charged like $300 for 50cc's.
A popular re-mailer for 50cc's prop/susp (and yes it was good lasted long time).
Where the main man was selling 110cc's (over twice as much) for like $200.00 at the time.

I thought was a bit over priced for re-sale.


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Is it just in US the customs have been sharpt up or is it all over the world? I live in Europe and have just orderd from a European source. Hope the gear will arrive soon?

Anybody know why all this busts? Is it beacuse the war against Al-Quida, Irak??


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I got my tabs yesterday from him too bad he does not sell big jugs anymore good deal always had good results from his eq . I think he and one of his remailers are having probs with their addys being shut down??


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BUFFDAWG10 said:
If I'm going to order foreign, it sure in the hell won't be IP!!!!

I agree 110% bro wish I could have his susp/prop 200mg a cc 110cc bottle for like $200.00 one more time for my next cycle!

strongest Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) I ever did in my life, could practically feel dick get hard as you injected it lol!

I always called it boner fuel!

I ran out


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someone narced on him, thats what i think, or they finally got fed up with him and are cracking down hardcore. The guy was simply a MASSIVE source for a lot of illegal goods


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grafix-gnc said:
bathtub brew, would you seriously stick that stuff in you? you have no idea whats in it!

I ordered once, obviously for the price. But after I got them I always wondered what was in them and not feeling 100% about the tabs well that doesn't do much for me. In the trash they went!