Is accutane available anywhere cheap?


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over the counter and cheap? even the new generic? are there any online sites for it?

i need to take it so bad and i have a script for it but i dont have medical insurance so i cant afford the $800 a month it will cost the doc wants me to take 120mgs a day for 5 months it iwll cost me a fortune. im not asking for a source im just trying to find out if its available anywhere over the counter or even with a script cheap that maybe i could send it to them or something via fax or email or website or something? thanks

Sorry to hear that bro and I say this because I have done accutane and it was the worst fucking thing I did but any how ask a mod for a certain place who makes there own accutane and they also make various other generic meds,they should know who you are talking about...And no accutane is not OTC..........Im going to help you out just because,leave your e-mail addy ,its only about 30 tabs but I aint gonna use them......also look at my B-5 post....peace
My bro took it when he was about 15 or 16 years old. It dried his joints out really bad. his skin was so dried out that it would crack and bleed. He had constand chapped lips that would crack and bleed. His joints were so sore, that it hurt to get out of bed.

sounds better than acne to me ill take every single side effect it has against acne. ill rob a bank if it will clear the acne i have. ive exhausted every sincle other means of remidy nothing works so its the last step and i will hit it head on.

im 21

ive had it since i was 16, i have a script my doc gave me i have no probs getting it but, i dont have health insurance or a prescription plan, so rather than go through the hassle of that, i figure ill just get it from over seas. my back shoulders and mid chest are covered in small to large pustules its fucking annoying as soon as it goes away it comes back its on and off. i want it gone for good. but i dont have the 800$ a month it wil cost me for 120mgs a day in treatment that the pharmacy wants me to pay. so i wanted to see if there was an online pharmacy from overseas or something that i could order from with success, even if it means getting the generic.

Check my PM bro.
I doubt you'll find the 40mg tabs but theres plenty of 20mg Generics for a good price. :)
I took it when I was 18. It cleared me up in 2 weeks. No dry skin no nothing . I was one of the lucky ones. STAY OUT OF THE SUN IT WILL FUCK YOUR SKIN UP WHILE YOU ARE ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!