Is it too late to take a PCT ....???


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Hey! so i was wondering if its too late to take a pct
3 years of lifting
22 years old living in cali!
took 500-600Mg of test Cyp per week for 15 weeks
arimidex during cycle
its been a bit over two months since i stopped taking test i haven't really lost much of the gains ive made except some strength, and libido went down slightly but its coming back i was wondering if its too late to take a PCT i was thinking of taking nolvadex im not sure if i have a bit of gyno it could be that my bodyfat has gone up a bit since i got off because i was not exactly dieting, but i dont feel sensitive nips or anything and my gym sessions are becoming more intense since i got off.. help anyone?
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Run blood work first and compare it to your pre-cycle Baseline Blood Work which you hopefully ran. If your HPTA is still suppressed then you should run PCT. PCT needs to be Clomid and Nolva. Both of them.

Post your blood work up here if you need help interpreting the results. And see my signature below if you don't know how or what blood work to get.


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ahh unfortunately i did not do pre cycle blood work >.< should i still go do blood work ? even if i don't have anything to compare it to?


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Regardless of having pre cycle blood work you still need to get blood work too see if your HPTA restarted.