Adding low dose EQ with a low dose of Deca for athletic performance. questions?


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Looking for advice from people that have experience with athletic cycles/stacks.

going to be blasting test C + deca again soon but was wondering about adding some EQ into the mix for the endurance benefits.

basically just wanting to know what people with experience stacking these 2 think?

I know for Bodybuilding it would most likely be a waste of time but for athletic performance purposes my idea is to get the Joint and tendon benefits of the deca with the endurance benefits of EQ.

Dosage protocol:

test C 200-400mg/pw
Deca 200mg/pw
EQ 400mg/pw?

1) Will these combined increase RBC too much? or would it be only a moderate increase that some blood donations would sort out?

2) with Deca and EQ combined should I lower my EQ down to 200mg/pw?

3) also its been years since i have used 19-nors whats the best caber schedule these days, seeing a lot of lads only keeping it on hand and using it very rarely when they notice prolactin sides etc and with such a low dose of deca im assuming i can do the same?

Thanks for any suggestions, I appreciate it!
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