Is there any painless test suspension available?


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If so what kind is it and also if anyone knows of a good 8 week cycle for someone in danger of being tested. something with short acting esters that are in and out quickly. thats why im asking about the suspension. thanks

ive heard from a few people who converted synovex that they were able to make it less pain then a few brands
with converted synovex i did a whole 10 week cycle with homemade tren too, i have never used suspension, but i would put the pain right there with test propionate, although not near as much swelling because of less BA. It wasnt too bad, but, i was definitley tired of everyday sticks for 70 days.
I use to use Steris and had no pain from it at all. Man did I love the shit. I was taking Spectro oilbase and that shit hurt like hell. I started mixing it with some BL Durabolin and that helped alot.
damn, I just suck it up. I have been using Anabolic TS. Hurts a little but no pain no gain Right????