Joint formula for horses.....looks pretty damn good!


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Cosequin EQ Powder, 1400 gram

(NO, IT'S NOT EQ POWDER............LOL!!!!!)

Cosequin plays an important role in maintaining optimal joint function. The superior quality ingredients in our patented formula provide the raw materials that are essential for the synthesis of synovial fluid and the major components of articular cartilage matrix. The synergistic effect of each ingredient performing its primary function concurrently is what makes Cosequin unique and the only true broad-spectrum cartilage matrix enhancer. Unlike steroids and some NSAID's which can damage the cartilage matrix, Cosequin is not a drug; it is a true nutraceutical with unparalleled safety. Nothing comes close to matching the confidence and reliability of the clean, patented formulation that has helped make Cosequin an industry leader. Contents Each Level Scoopful (3.3 grams) contains: Cosequin Equine Powder Glucosamine HCl 99+% 1800 mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 95% Mixed Glycosaminoglycans 5% 600 mg Ascorbate (as Manganese Ascorbate) 104 mg Manganese (as Ascorbate) 16 mg Joints and Articular Cartilage The performance and mobility of your horse is dramatically affected by how well his joints function. While physical conditioning can strengthen muscles, bones, and tendons, the tremendous forces exerted on the skeletal joints (fetlock, knee, stifle and hock) during training and competition causes wear and tear to the joint cartilage. Articular cartilage is critical to joint utility. Immersed in synovial fluid, articular cartilage provides a smooth, low friction surface between bone ends, and transmits load forces to the underlying bones. Why Cosequin? One of the remarkable functions of articular cartilage is its ability to replenish its major components in response to the mechanical forces placed on it. Cartilage replenishes itself by manufacturing huge amounts of collagen and proteoglycans. Collagen, a tough, ropy protein that connects the tissues, provides the tensile strength of cartilage. The water-structuring properties of proteoglycans provide the compressive resilience. The continuous synthesizing process of cartilage replenishment generates extremely large demands for the building blocks of collagen and proteoglycans. If the raw materials (nutrients) for these building blocks are not available in the amounts required, the synthesizing process is impaired and the cartilage cannot replenish itself. Cosequin provides these raw materials. Cosequin is a patented combination of dietary ingredients of unparralleled purity and each has its own primary function in connective tissues synthesis. Glucosamine HCI - In addition to being the main substrate for the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid, the primary function of glucosamine is to stimulate the secretion of glycosaminoglycans in the articular cartilage. Chondroitin Sulfate - In addition to being the major glycosaminoglycans found in cartilage, its primary function is to inhibit degradative enzymes. Degradative enzymes contribute to cartilage breakdown. Manganese - A necessary cofactor in the body for the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans. Ascorbate - It is a necessary cofactor in the body for collagen biosynthesis. The synergistic effect of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate performing their primary functions concurrently, using manganese and ascorbate as cofactors, is what makes Cosequin unique and the only product of its kind. This overall matrix enhancement will make Cosequin more economical to use the longer an animal is on the product. The ingredients in Cosequin are of unparalleled purity. A multiple-step purification process ensures maximum ingredient integrity. What can I expect using Cosequin? Since Cosequin provides nutrients that affect the structure and function of the joint, changes may occur gradually. You should notice changes in three to four weeks in most candidates. Some horses may take five to six weeks to exhibit noticeable changes. Recommendation as a Dietary Supplement The initial administration period is 4 to 6 weeks, however recent studies using Cosequin have shown an early response, in most horses, by 2 weeks. The reponse usually improves if the initial amount is continued for an additional 4 weeks. If a horse shows little or no response after 30 days, extend initial amount for two more weeks. Initial Administration Average Horse - 3 level scoops AM & PM Horses over 1,200 lb. - 4 level scoops AM & PM Overly large horses (warmbloods, draft breeds) may need 4 or 5 scoops AM & PM Transition Period Do not lower amount until horse has begun to respond. After achieving a good response, reduce total daily amount by one level scoop each week. Gradually reducing the amount will help find an individual maintenance level. Watch the animal's movement and attitude to ensure that it is feeling comfortable through each weekly transition. Suggested Maintenance Administration Average Horse - 1 level scoop AM & PM Horses over 1,200 lb. - 2 level scoops AM & PM Amount can be increased at any time to maintain desired comfort level. Two or three days prior to heavy workouts or competition, boost daily dosage back up to initial loading dose. Continue this level for two to three days after competition, then return to regular maintenance level. Directions Cosequin can be top dressed on sweet feed. Add a small amount of water or molasses to get the Cosequin to stick to dry feed. You may also administrate orally. Mix Cosequin with a small amount of water or molasses and dose orally with a syringe.
They've actually got MSM........dirt fricken cheap!!!!!!!

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well i personally would say no. ive worked with breeding race horses for many years. on and off the track. to be quite honest, we have never seen the results we wanted to from the cosequin. it will work for about the first 2 maybe 3 weeks but then, the problems seems to come right back. dont get me wrong, im not a vet, but im speaking here from practical application. the result and discomforts ive seen. i would also consult a vet before ANYONE starts consuming cosequin. take this witha grain of salt. if you find anymore info id love to see it. hope this info sheds a little light on some question anyone may have.
Glucosimine was really used for horses many years before It was availible for humans for good reason. The strentgh dose was higher and they wanted to see whether they would be any other factors that would stop it use. But go ahead and try it I will love to hear the story of the guy who tries it and grows a tail.
Not grade gear, vet grade supps, gourmet puppy chow.


In all seriousness, I surely hope NO ONE even thinks twice about taking this stuff! I thought it was actually a good read on joint nutrients in general and there are actually similar implications to humans!

BUT.............I DO NOT suggest taking this EVER! The digestive tract of a horse is different than ours.