***Joint Recovery***


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I'm old and the joints are aching. What joint recovery supplement do you use and can you tell a difference?
Glucosamine does it for me.

Now I'm trying glucosamine and chondoitin, 500mg + 200mg, two times a day. No pain.

But I wasn't having pain with glucosamine only 750mg two times a day.

Somebody told me that over 500mg didn't make a difference, but I never saw a study concluding something about dose-related effiency of glucosamine.

The only thing I'm sure of is that glucosamine does make a difference for me and many people in joint recovery and pain.
I like Sportlabs Joint Relief. It's got both glucosamine and Chondroitin in it. I find the two together work better than just Glucosamine alone.
If you really want a strong joint formula, throw some MSM in there as well.;)
shark cartilage if you want to dish out the cash for it, they garatee it will work or money back on most brands of it. I have really bad joints (runs inn the family) and i use glucosamine at 1500mgs a day and ibuprofein if needed and i feel no pain anymore at all.