Judging Fake Gear


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Can you tell you have fake gear by lack of injection pain?

My very first injection ever was some ENTH I bought from a website. I experienced zero pain after injection in my thigh.

After injecting without pain I did a search on that company and see mixed reviews..some scam claims and some swearing they have good experiences with them. Needless to say I wont use them again since the other company I used delivered good stuff.

I went ahead and injected the Zambon I bought from the 2nd company yesterday and experience pain and soreness in my thigh still.

The ENTH came in an ampule labled: Galenika ad. I get hits on this mfr from google but cannot find it mentioned on a search here and cant find a picture of the authentic.

The Zambon checks out as authentic after checking the pic.
Those are ICN one of the best test if not the best. I don't think there are any fakes, there to cheap to pay so why fake them, there wouldn't be much money in it.

Thats good news. It's not unusual to exerience pain free injections then? I read somewhere in here to always expect that post injection pain from the "medicine".
Not with ICN, you might get some pain from some prop, but everyone's different. Some have pain other don't.