keto diet


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Im currently on test enanthate for 17 weeks at 500mg/week, im using it as a cutting cycle and now on week 7, havent had the results I was hoping for thus far in reguards to fat loss. So what am I doing wrong, here are the stats and diet.
age 21
weight 121 kgs
height 6'5
bf % close estimate at 21%

meals arnt genrally in this order

1- 5 whole eggs+ 1 serving cheese 550 cals
2- 1 1/2 scoops of ON + 15ml olive oil 330 cals
3- 200 g beef/chicken + 40 g peanut butter 550 cals
4- same as meal 2 330 cals
5- same as meal 3 550 cals
6- post workout= 2 scoops ON + L glutamine 250

calories= 2500-2600

workout 4 times per week with a split body workout, cardio for 40 mins after every workout. theres something wrong with this plan, should I increase cardio? cut calories?
I think you might have went wrong on your cals. might be to many. When you take how many cals you need, only count lean body mass, not fat/water. In other words, only take in enough cals to feed your muscles/bones. I would do something like 21-2300 cals. Also, seems like you're taking in alot of fat no? fat is certainly needed but it seems like your macro-nutrient ratio is off.