kill my dick-cycle


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275runt said:
True. I think that is I'm busting my ass in the gym i believe i deserve to be worshipped by my woman. shit if im trying to lean out i could it as cardio

What makes you think YOU should be WORSHIPPED by your woman? If your woman is great, then you should be good to her and if you end up having childern with her, remember who will suffer. Her! She will bare your children, so maybe YOU should WORSHIP HER!


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What gets me about deca is that a number of people claim to have had long term problems recovering from it...months and even longer after the cycle was done.

At the very least, you'd want to run Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) with it to give your body a fighting chance.

Deca produces some mass from what I hear, but it is not super anabolic. If you don't at least use HCG, how do you know a fair amount of your gains won't be lost in pct.

If you want lean gains with few sides, there are better drugs than deca to run alone I think (injectible and otherwise). Get powder for some of the more expensive ones and you can have some nice injects to work with.

p.s. I have looked into deca alone for the same reason, hehe. Tren alone doesn't do much to kill off my libido. It is too androgenic for that.


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Bast said:
But, saying you only want to bodybuild to get pussy or you would choose PL is bullshit, bodybuilders and pl'ers are nothing alike, in any way.

I was just making the point that taking a deca only cycle, expecting to get shut down and saying that it's a "good" thing because you can focus on the gym and your diet is just a stupid notion in general. And that having sex is a good thing, not a bad thing :69: