Knee joint popping what the f.

Mad Dawg

New member
My right knee pops when ever i get up been like this for 3 weeks now by the end of the day the inside of my knee has some pain in it. Guess its time to halt the leg work for know anyways. Might be time for a MRI. Needless to say it really sucks. Getting older sometimes isnt all to kool. Question really is anybody else ever experiene this before and if so will it go away if i lighten up on leg work for awile or am i screwed for surgery. DAM IT. Tear. IT. Up. MAD Pissed OFF DAwg!!!
It can be anything, or it can be nothing. Meniscus tears which are easily repaired, can be the culprit. But it can also be a dreaded ACL tear, which requires a larger surgery. I've had my ACL replaced on my right knee, and it's stronger than ever. But get it checked, you can also develop arthritus if something is wrong.

Good luck.