Lee Priest torn quad rumor????????


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anyone know anything about this? sounds bad. he supposedly had to cancel shawn rays muscle camp or some shit like that.

Rumors abound via the Internet that Lee hurt himself on a leg press, and that he tore his quad, blew out his knew, etc. Well, Lee did hurt himself on the leg press, but he did NOT tear his quad or blow out his knew!

According to a friend of Lee's, "What did happen is that we were training legs at a new gym. We didn't realize that they had two presses, one for taller people and one for shorter people. We were on the one for taller people and when Lee was on his 14th rep, 7th set at 1,200 lbs, we heard a popping noise. After we got him off the leg press, he laid on the floor for a while and we iced his calf area where he was feeling the pain. There was no bruising or signs of a torn muscle."

"We took Lee to the emergency room where the doctor told him that it may be a partially torn Achilles tendon and they immobilized it in a cast until he could see an orthopedic doctor. He was on crutches for a couple of days until he saw the doctor, who examined him and took x-rays. His diagnosis was that Lee had ruptured his plantaris muscle, which is a small muscle that runs up the back of the leg. He put Lee in a protective boot to wear for at least 6 weeks and after that time he will be re-evaluated. This has not affected his training for the most part except in leg training