Let's see if anyone knows this...


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Hey all, this is my first cycle and I'm going to be coming off in a few weeks.

I had precycle work done and found my total test to be around 300ng/dl. Im 22 and as I said have never done a cycle before. From my understanding this is rather low especially for someone my age.

Even if I get my natural test production back to 300 or so will this be enough to keep gains or am I eternally screwed?

I have Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), clomid, nolva, liquidex to help. Should I deviate from the standard recovery procedure in any way? Thank you.
Hopefully Buffdoc or someone else will chime in.

Any thoughts or opinions are very welcome.

hey bro, you should see your primary MD because you are at the lower end especially for your age. You should be consideder healthy which is the upper end of the range 750 - 1100ng/dl. What you might be experincing what is called andropause, which is the impact of decreasing androgens. At 22 you would like to be at 700ng/dl so go to the MD and have him diagnose the problem...I would not take anything until he refers a solution! later bro!
Well, Im in the middle of my 1st cycle so I cant have any testing done for a while. Also, my MD is just a GP and he wasnt even very keen about me having all these tests done to begin with and he refused to order a Free Testosterone test unless the Total Test came back low. Seems like kind of a bastard anyway because I was mentioning things I read and he was like "oh you'll go crazy reading the stuff on the internet". Apparently he's threatened by a somewhat knowledgable patient.

Any more advice out there? I really appreciate it guys. Thanks.