Lilsavage Growing


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LiLsavage and I have been working together for a little bit now and wanted to get some of his pics up. He will be doing the USA's in July and I honestly believe he will win his class. Hopefully if all things go right and he can get some time off next november he will get his pro card at Nationals.

He's 210 lb's in these pics and is about 5'6 -

I have to say he is the most genetically gifted indivdual i have ever worked with.
good lord. i'll have what he's having. oh wait... genetics, right! pretty obvious he works his ass off, too, though.

hey man, sorry about the phone tag. hopefully we can catch up soon.
Looking great, would like to see more wheel pics and calves.
Crazy arms and great back width!

Wish him best of luck! Hard work pays off.
If he wants to come on and let everyone know what he's doing that fine but its nothing unusual just following the basic diet suggestions i give out in the diet forum. Clean Diet with 2 to 3 cheat meals / week. Cardio is like EOD