liquid clomid / nolva


The Great
researchology has clomid and nolva but it is in liquid form.. would this stuff work as well as the pill form ? thanks
shut down

i have been taking clomid / nolva for 6 days and this stuff has shut me down even worse.. i am worse than before i took it. is it suppose to do that ? please let me know.

does anyone know of a doctor in the miami area that has experience with patients being shut down from aas...

Ive tryed AG Guys liquid Nolva,great stuff recovered real quick,my nuts were full again with in a week,didnt seem to loose any fullness to my muscles either once off,only down side is it tastes awfull.

1. What was your last cycle, and when did it end?
2. What is your previous cycling experience?
3. What did you run for post cycle therapy (pct)?
4. Age/stats

dude i was one of those people who started using without the knowledge of pct. so i took different kinds of test and every once in awile a little eq for about 5 years without pct. so i am shut down if not shut off. i haven't did a cycle in over a year and i am still shut down. i tried taking hcg/nolva/clomid and it shut me down worse. i have went to doctors in my area and they put me on more test. so i don't know what to do....i live in the fla keys so if anyone knows of a doctor in the miami area that has experience with this i would defintely appreciate the referal...thanks