liquid research problems


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Does anybody know what is going on with liquid research? I placed an order on 7-2, recieved an email onfermation but I still dont have my product. Their website said they were behind because of the hoilday and said anything placed before the forth would ship out on the 5th. They say if it takes them so many hours to ship out then they will ship it next day for free. Where is my product?
Same here I placed mine on 7-03 for liqidclen and still haven t received mine and my bros tooko like 10 days also, but atleast they threw in an extra bottle to make up for it, hope mine has an extra one too. :)
they ran into some problems that were out of there hands. they are getting things back in order now and will not be taking any more orders till everything is caught up.

good people imo
Im having the same problem... ordered on 7-03 and was charged $8 for "3" day shipping and now it's the 14th and still nothing. Poor guy must be really backed up.Im glad that he is making sure that everyone is taken cae of befor he takes anymore orders... Im still sticking with them with my liquid need!
im in same boat,I put my synovex in heat 5 days ago!hope it will be ok,I know ,I know should've not started but lr never been late for me and I started on the day my s-kit should have been here!
Guys, why dont you read whats posted on the liquidresearch site.
He was on vacation for a week and the Manager F#cked up all the orders received after the 1st and didnt ship anything.
Mike left his vacation trip a few days earlier and now is taking care of all outstanding orders.
And for all the people that had to wait a while their next order is free.
These guys are great with customer service IMO.

I hope this is ok to post here , I am sorry to the admin and mods that this came to your great board I did not mean it to end up here so I just want everone to know feel free to delet if this is a problem

ONLINE Important Update From Liquid Research
Hey guys.....I am sorry that everything has happened this way especially when we were out of town. A full explanation is definetely needed and deserved. We planned this vacation long before our orders almost doubled and had been running 3-5 days to ship. We even thought about cancelling the trip because of the critical time frame orders need to be shipped in. We made plans to stop taking orders between July 4th and July 7th in order for our shipping manager to be able to ship the remaining orders from the week without getting too far behind on the new orders. Also, when we started taking new orders on monday, this was to be handled by our manager and staff. We were able to answer emails on a limited basis from our location but tried to monitor activity as best we could while away. We decided to leave our vacation early due to the growing number of concerning emails that we were receiving. When we returned we found that not only did our manager not ship as planned on saturday the 5th, but that there was a number of orders from June 30th that had been completely ignored. Now we are faced with getting these orders out immediately as well as trying to quickly ship all incoming orders after the 7th that were not shipped while we were away. Our manager is now fired due to this trouble and we have resolved the problem with orders placed on the 30th. All orders placed on the 30th are being express shipped overnight and the next order placed is free because of this unacceptable time it has taken for the orders to ship. We have also decided to not accept new orders for a few days while we personally ship every outstanding order. When we open back, we will have our normal 2 day turnaround to ship, plus continuous communication restored as well as offering a sale on all products we offer as an apology for what has occurred during this past week and even the delayed shipments before we left. This is not normal business practice at liquid research, but we had a lot of elements including large growth in a short time frame, that has crippled our operation. We are re-organizing and to all new and old customers we hope your faith can be restored.
no one's bitchin here... like i said befor>>> Im sticking with liquid research with all my liquid needs! bayoumike you have my support 100%
Mike will go out if his way to make his customers happy. Trust me..... YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH LIQUIDRESEARCH!!!!!!