LOEFLER Sustanon

I have not tried too many of their products. The d-bol is pretty good. And I think their anavar is good also. Never tried any of the inj.
yeah, im honestly weary of their injectables. I hear mixed reviews, i always use QV anyways. their orals, IMO are good, so i would only expect the same from all products, but unfortunately ive heard mixed reviews.
ived used the dbol with good results and the anavar is OVERdosed. not too sure about the injectables though. hit up some other boards for peeps who tried em
Their Sustanon (sust) fukin crippeled my dad and my buddy,they both said it was 10 times more painful than Sustanon (sust) in amps.I tried the tt Sustanon (sust) and is was bad on me so I would assume they r kinda the same.
sorry, but i've got to disagree/w ironfist. About a year ago i got my buddy 5 bottles and he got absolutely nothing (no b.s.)
Im sure its possible that there are fakes/legit bottles though...

only my exp.