Looking for a good appetite suppressant to aid with dieting


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Looking for a good appetite suppressant to help me out with my dieting.

Not in any need of energy boost really.

I don't' care for anything that will make me too jittery as I seem to be very sensitive to stimulants as of late.

I have read some good reviews on lipoflame

I had poor results with hydroxycut but it was back 2009 when i had used their most recent product.

There was a xenodryine product from around 2004 that used and worked sufficiently at the time and can no longer find.

As you can tell its been quite a while since I have used anything for appetite suppression

thank you for the help in advance


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If you want a very simple suppressant, I highly recommend Yohimbine HCL. The stuff is cheap on Orbit Nutrition. I take 2 in the morning and once I eat breakfast, I can go until lunch without a single grumble of hunger. Yohimbine also has a lot of other great subtle effects.

$12.99 for 90 caps from Primaforce.


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Getting lean is a bitch. Low leptin levels make you constantly hungry and extremely lethargic. Since your body is used to having plenty of fuel around it really takes a dive when you shed the excess adipose. I used to wrestle and box so I needed to have low body fat levels due to weight classes.

My top 5 appetite suppressants. These have helped me reach ~8% body fat three seperate times in the past.

1. One thing that works for me is green tea. I drink some when I'm hungry and it takes the hunger away. It also speeds up metabolism because of the ECCG in it, and is a powerful antioxidant. If you don't like the taste of green tea you can buy capsules and just take those. You can also make your own for almost no cost. Buy pill capsules and a bag of green tea- buy the right type of green tea or order it online and it should cost you next to nothing. Then put the green tea in a coffee grinder or blender and blend it up. Last step is to cap the mixture. You can have virtually a lifetime supply for about 50 bucks.

2. Water. Drink water before a meal and it fills you up a lot of the way. It also prevents the feeling of false hunger and keeps you hydrated- which you should be doing anyways. Try to drink water throughout the day, and spread it out. This helps a lot.

3. Adderall. I'm not reccomending anything, but when I was on ADHD medication for about 4 months I couldn't eat anything. My workouts were amazing too, it's like caffiene and creatine times 5, and without the jitters. The reason stopped taking it was because I lost 12 pounds without trying. This may be bad for someone trying to gain muscle, but for someone trying to lose weight it would work perfectly. Just don't take any late in the day or you'll end up staring at your cieling until your alarm goes off. I still have some, and may actually use it myself one day.

4. Sprints. I don't know the exact reason behind this, but whenever I do a couple of hill sprints my appetite takes a dive. Normally exercise raises cortisol and makes you hungrier, but this one seems to do the opposite for me. Perhaps it's because of the release of Growth Hormone which releases more fatty acids into your blood stream. If anyone knows why sprints prevent hunger, please chime in.

5. Sunlight. This is a powerful natural appetite suppressant. Sunlight makes your body release Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, or MSH, which makes you feel full. Sunlight, as well as heat, are why you don't feel as hungry during the summertime. It is a proven fact that people naturally gain weight in the winter and lose weight in the summer, and sunlight is one of the main contributing factors. On top of appetite suppression, sunlight will also give you a nice tan, turn cholesterol into vitamin D, which is an anti-carcinogen btw, and help you sleep better at night by regulating melatonin.

Also make sure you get enough sleep. When you don't get enough sleep your body has higher cortisol levels, releases more ghrelin, and less y-peptide. This concoction of hormones will send your appetite through the roof as well as break down muscle.


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thank you for the responses

I have bought alphamine and have been using it for the last 2 and half weeks and been very pleased with it both the clean energy, no crash or wired up, tweaked out feeling.
and its very good at suppressing appetite

The first 3 days it shut down all desire to eat point blank, Fantastic for making sure i had no cravings and even any desire to even break my diet.

Since than it has still been effective but more so in allowing me to have greater portion control when i eat rather than no desire to eat at all again.

But man the following morning i have water and my dosage ready to go right by my bed, because my appetite comes back with a vengeance and I will just want to eat like a mofo.

But again both my diet and training are going very well thank you all again


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ECA stack is cheap and effective. It might give you the jitters a little at first, but it will go away. But some of the other suggestions above may give you the jitters at first as well. Good luck.


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Have anyone tried Garcinia Active Slim or Brazilian Slimming Tea? I've tried the tea and it seemed to work for, though the end result was not very obvious, it was good enough for me. So what do you think is the best appetite suppressant? Name it.


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I understand your problem; I can recommend you few natural appetite suppressants that help to resist cravings. Check out below -

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Drink apple cider vinegar daily, it suppresses the brain's part that carries the appetite stimuli.
2.CAYENNE PEPPER: Must try it, it contains a significant appetite suppressant.
3. Almonds: Go for Almonds, as it contains Magnesium, which is proven to reduce sugar cravings.
4. Other appetites suppressants are - Ginger, Avocado, Apples, etc.
5. Consult any nutritionist like pHLabs for a professional opinion.