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So I'm very new to all of this and want to drop bf before a cycle. Please send opinions or advice for nutrition. I'm currently at 230lbs at 6'2.tdee is 3210. BMR is 2337.8. Bf is 25% Looking to cut down weight. Also want to make sure I'm getting the correct nutrients to maintain a healthy body. Here is my diet

Morning 07:00
6eggs scrambled with a little fat free milk cooked with coconut oil

Mid morning 09:30
Can of tuna with seeded bread

Lunch 12:00
cup of rice with cocunut oil, 12oz chicken breast, cup of spinach

Snack 15:00
Handful of almonds

Dinner 18:00
Either 12oz chicken breast or 12oz salmon fillet

Snack 20:00
Handful of almonds

Through out day: 3 to 4 whey protein shakes with at least 50g of protein each.
So I'm hitting right at 2300 calories and close to 500g of protein a day,430 to 485 to be exact. Carbs are around 90-120 daily. Sugar is >50g. I also drink a lot of water with apple cider vinegar in it.
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apple cider works wonders for me. I do a shot before each major meal. great for my colon and constitutionals.