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Anybody knows how to use it properly? I know only the theory behinds it. It supposes to shut down your HPTA temporarily while you are on high gears. During this suspension the HPTA doesn't get affected by the shock that we normally do. When the HPTA activates again, which I believe is near the end of the cycle, it can recovery in a much shorter amount of time.
10 questions parents ask about Lupron Depot-PED

Q. What is Lupron Depot-PED for?
A. When children under the age of 8 or 9 develop the body changes normally associated with puberty, that condition is called central precocious puberty. Lupron Depot-PED, Synarel® (nafarelin acetate, GD Searle and Company), and Supprelin® (histrelin, Roberts Pharmaceuticals) are indicated as therapy to treat this condition.

Q. What does Lupron Depot-PED do?

A. Lupron Depot-PED therapy delays puberty until a more appropriate time in your child's life. Basically, Lupron Depot-PED works by adjusting your child's body clock. In doing so, Lupron Depot-PED stops your child's body from making certain hormones before the appropriate time. As a result, your child stops going through puberty too early.

Q. How do you take Lupron Depot-PED?

A. Lupron Depot-PED is administered as an injection on a monthly basis.

Q. How long will my child have to take it?

A. It all depends on the age of your child. In some cases, Lupron Depot-PED may be administered for up to 1 year. In other cases, the medication may be taken for several years. Generally it should be given until it is appropriate for puberty to begin again.

Q. What if my child misses an injection?

A. For the best results, it's important that your child have the right amount of Lupron Depot-PED in his or her body at all times. Shots should be given on a regular schedule; this is absolutely necessary for success. Missing even one dose could restart the maturation process.

Q. What will my child feel like when
taking Lupron Depot-PED?

A. Aside from soreness at the site of the injection that should get better after a couple of days, your child should feel normal while taking Lupron Depot-PED.

Q. Can anyone tell if my child is
taking Lupron Depot-PED?

A. No. Since the therapy works by stopping early puberty, your child's development of secondary sex characteristics, such as facial hair or breast development, will become less obvious. Therefore, while on Lupron Depot-PED, your child's growth rate will be more like children of his or her age group.

Q. How does the doctor know when it's the right
time to stop Lupron Depot-PED?

A. Because the goal of Lupron Depot-PED is to delay puberty until a more appropriate time in your child's life, your physician will base his or her decision to stop therapy on the chronological age of your child.

Q. What happens if my child has
central precocious puberty and isn't treated?

A. When central precocious puberty is left untreated, children go through their major growth spurts much too early. As a result, these children end up being quite a bit shorter than they would have been if their growth spurt had occurred at a more appropriate time. The most appropriate time for this growth spurt to take place is during puberty

Q. Is Lupron Depot-PED expensive?

A. Unfortunately, Lupron Depot-PED is an expensive medication. However, many insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost for the treatment of central precocious puberty. Be sure to consult your insurance company and your physician.