M1t, Deca, Sustanon (sust) and anavar cycle question

Methyl 1-test

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M1t, Deca, Sust and anavar cycle question

What do you guys think of adding anavar to the end of this cycle at week nine and extending it past week 12 when the deca and Sustanon (sust) is done to week 14 or 15 I was originally planning on adding the var week 12 is this a big deal at all?

1-4M1T 10mg ed
1-12 Deca 600mg Sustanon (sust) 500mg per week
9-14,15 Anavar I’m open to suggestions about dosage I have plenty
12-15 will do some clen and ECA along with the var

HCG 2weeks 2500iu per week
Nolva and Trib
Also going to do LR3 IGF-1 50iu post work out for 4 weeks
I'd ditch the M1T and add a different oral. M1Ts are brutal on your organs. If you are having blood tests done, they are going to through your values off.