Max conc. of tren/prop combo?


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In the interest of reducing injection volume, many people use another anabolic agent instead of sterile oil to resuspend their tren. I've seen mixtures of 50mg/50mg per mL but was wondering if it is possible to go 75mg/mL tren, 100mg/mL prop without having the solution crash and the anabolics come out of solution. Anyone have any ideas or experiences?
You cannot get a 75/100 mixture per 1ml if you are using regular 100mg/ml prop to substitute in the oil. As you add tren to it, the concentration of prop will decrease. The only way to get it this high is if you use prop powder as well, or somehow find some 200mg/ml prop.

IF you go with your standard 75:100 ratio (3:4) and you are using 100mg/ml prop,

The highest you will get is

Say 10 grams of prop, that would be 7.5 grams tren. 10 grams prop is 100ml. 7.5 grams tren is 7.5ml + ~ 15ml solvent = 22.5mls

Total now is 122.5ml. Concentrations are

10g/122.5ml = 81.6mg/ml prop
7.5/122.5ml = 61.2mg/ml tren
Total of 143mg/ml.

Now if you wonder how many mls it will take to hit that 75 and 100mg mark...

175/143 = 1.22ml
It is possible, very possible, Ive done it even...

Im saying it is NOT possible by using 100mg/ml Prop and simply replacing the oil in a fina kit. Just to clearify.
would you have to use tren powder and prop powder and suspend them equally....or can you use fina pellets and say QV prop....and just mix 'em???
Ya you could easily make them equal, say 50/50. Add and equal amount of 100mg/ml tren and equal amount of 100mg/ml prop and there ya have it. It wouldnt matter if it was premade tren, powder, pellets..whatever. Its just a matter of gettin equal amounts of hormone into total solution.
Billy, could you walk me through how to make the 75/100 ratio using prop powder and tren pellets? I've got all the raw materials, including solvent, but I want to make sure I don't make the whole thing crash.


- Judoman