Mexican Sustanon Redi-Jects


Gettin Swole
What do you guys think of these. I am on them right now at 750mg a week, A shot on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I am taking them for 8 weeks. It is day 20 and I have went from 285lbs to 300lbs. My Strength is also up. So far I like them but some have said they are underdosed and shitty. I have not had a bad experience with them yet? What do you guys think? I dont think 15 lbs and good strength increase in 20 days is a placebo effect. I am eating alot more and taking in more protien. If this is a placebo effect then give me some more.
When I took Sustanon (sust). I combined it with d-bol to a better bag for the buck. Have you tried combining d-bol with Sustanon (sust)? It is good $h!t. Good luck. Keep eating. You should gain muscle still after your last shot.
Sust is Sustanon (sust), but damn redijects are $$$ and sust is already "overpriced." I like it though (sust), I did well with even Ttokkyo sust.