Mid-cycle dilemma, need advise


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I am at the end of week 4 of my first cycle:

WK 1-4 D-bol 20mg/day ED
WK 1-8 Testoviron 250 mg E4.5D
WK 7-10 Winstrol (winny) 50mg ED
+ anti-e's
I actually bumped the D-bol to 25mg for WK 2-3.

This week is the first I have felt those "D-bol pumps" that everybody raves about. I don't know how this correlates to effectiveness, but my strength is really coming on also. I am scheduled to quit D-bol tomorrow and I don't want to. I would like to push it out another week or so, but I am concerned that such a short break between orals wouldn't be good on my liver. I am taking Tylers, ALA, and 2+ gallons of water daily. Which of these would you suggest, if any?

1) Stick to the plan. (Two weeks between orals.)
2) D-bol WK 1-5, Winstrol (winny) WK 7-10 (One week between orals.)
3) D-bol WK 1-5, Winstrol (winny) WK 8-10 (Two weeks between orals.)
4) D-bol WK 1-6, Winstrol (winny) WK 8-10 (One weeks between orals.)

Regarding 3 & 4, would only 3 weeks of Winstrol (winny) be effective?

This will be my only cycle ever, so my liver will have plenty of time to recover afterward. :rolleyes: J/K, bros. I would rather be safe than sorry.
If this is your first cycle ever i would drop the Winstrol (winny) and just do test/dbol. dbol/winny is a tough combo but maybe later but this is your first cycle, don't try to gain 50lbs on your first cycle, except if your Silverback316 lol. It's better to be safe then sorry.
Yea, fatchops. You're probably right. I wanted the Winstrol (winny) at the end while the test cleared my system. My first choice would have been prop, but I had trouble finding some. (NOT A SOURCE POST!)

If I got rid of the Winstrol (winny) do you see any problem with running d-bol at 20mg for 6 weeks?
If you do decide to continue with your original plan, I can assure you that you wont be disapointed with the strength gains from the winny.
Please do keep in mind that will be hard on your liver. The only real way to know if it would be safe would be to get your liver values checked before you start the winny.
jyzza said:
35mg of D-bol<---standard dosage...

For a big muther like you. I saw your stats in another thread.

I started off at 20mg as suggested by people on this board. I bumped it to 25mg and my BP went to borderline and the headaches worsened so I went back to 20mg. I am gaining well on 20mg so I'll stick to that for this cycle. Those fresh receptors are great, aren't they?

Thanks for the advise, bigdelt.