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Q&A With Marc McDougal by Marc McDougal
Marc McDougal takes through a Q&A session, providing in-depth answers to commonly asked questions on training, form, and supplementation. Read More

New Study: Whey Protein Hydrolysate vs. Casein – First Round Knock Out by Anssi Manninen, M.H.S.
Anssi Manninen examines the latest research focusing on ‘whey protein versus casein’. The study under question finds whey to be superior in terms of greater gains in lean body mass and best result in terms of fat loss. read more

Roidball by Will Carroll
Will Carroll looks at sport, steroids and the media, noting how baseball in particular and others such as cycling arouse suspicions about ‘juicing’, yet the NFL, maybe due to the public’s acceptance, has escaped the same scrutiny. read more

The Distaff Side by Jim Ganley
The ever experienced and entertaining author Jim Ganley takes us through his experiences as a health and fitness director; the challenges faced, insights gained and success in training women. read more

The Mental Side of Dieting – Part 2 by S.L.
Gillespie S.L. Gillespie explores the mental side of dieting and how making behavioural changes is a real challenge. He suggests techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique in order to erase the emotional drivers behind the cravings and overeating. read more

Recovery and the Nervous System by Kelly Baggett
Kelly Bagget looks at the inter-relationship between weight-training, recovery and the nervous system, focusing on neural, local, central fatigue. His article provides different training examples and their impact on the CNS. read more

Getting Lean: Why Your Current Cardio is on the Wrong Path by Taylor Simon So many of us seek ways to increase the size of our muscles, whilst losing the fat that covers them. This applies to bodybuilders through to the general fitness population. Taylor Simon looks at common cardio used to ‘strip the fat away’, but suggests other techniques, such as interval training, in helping us reach our goals. read more

Correcting Posture: Myth or Reality? by Anoop Balachandran
The connection between posture and pain is a deep-rooted and widespread idea in society; just look at the interest among personal trainers and physical therapists in fixing posture to prevent pain. Anoop T. Balachandran takes a look at the science and points out that the cause of pain is multi factorial and complex. read more
Always enjoy it...this month I especially thought the posture article was interesting.